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Fear to Freedom Master Class

Do you ask the question “Is this all there is to my life?” Do you want to overcome fear and indecisionDo you want to build self-compassion, self-confidence, and self-acceptance to make choices aligned with who you really are and not the voice of “you are not enough?” Are ready to take action, move forward and commit to creating positive results in your life?

If so, then this course is designed specifically for YOU.

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Fear to Freedom Empowerment Coaching

Are you ready to break free from the fear that is holding you back from peace, joy and happiness?  Fear doesn’t have to be the enemy.  Moving toward Fear reveals the truth of who you are.  It can be scary, but together, through 1 on 1 coaching, we explore how your fear can lead you to what's possible for your life. You are supported as you take that first step into your courage to create the life you want.  Self-confidence, self-compassion and self-worth are the compass points that guide you on this journey to Freedom.

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Fear to Freedom Career Coaching

Are you doing the right things professionally but are frustrated that your career does not move forward?  Do you hold yourself back from success because of a lack of confidence and a fear of failure or criticism?  Have you been offered a growth opportunity only to find you need to develop your leadership capabilities?  With 20+ years of Human Resources experience in global, billion dollar healthcare companies, I have the experience and insight to help you shift and take the lead in directing where you want your career to go; whether it's due to growth, transition, or dissatisfaction.

Through 1 on 1 coaching, I offer an objective perspective with encouraging support.  Together we create a Plan for Success, gaining clarity around your values and strengths and set goals to address the areas for development. Your self-awareness and ability to lead grow, both personally and professionally.  The result? You achieve the desired vision for your career!

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