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Pam Delise - Cardinal Rules Consulting

Pam DeLise's Philosophy

Do you look at your life and ask, “Is this all there is?” Are you searching for those elusive things called “balance and freedom” you hear about but don’t know how to have them? Do you feel enough is enough and want something different for your life? Then it’s time. It’s time to reclaim your life! Cardinal Rules Consulting supports women by empowering them to step into their courage, face the fear that holds them back and create the life they choose…one of peace, joy, freedom, and happiness. I am passionate about supporting women who live life from a place of fear to one of self-confidence, self-compassion and self-worth.

Ways You Can Work With Pam


Do you have the desire to change the direction of your life or career but aren't sure how to go about it?  Read More to find the support you are looking for with the right coaching package to fit your needs.

Compass Points To Freedom

I created Compass Points To Freedom to help women see that fear isn’t the enemy. Fear is an indicator of the direction you are meant to go to release the story of who you think you are and become who you are meant to be.

Training & Consulting

Cardinal Rules Consulting offers Human Resource consulting services for businesses seeking to improve capabilities, team effectiveness, and organization culture.

What Clients Are Saying

Pam DeLise is an incredibly good coach with much to offer those seeking help with work and personal issues. She’s warm, supportive, perceptive, and smart. Pam uses a variety of methods, gently bringing attention to thoughts, feelings, and actions not serving you, helping you to identify a better path.

Deborah S.

When I met Pam DeLise, I was newly divorced and struggling to redefine my life. Pam helped get me to a place and discover a sense of inner peace I had never experienced before. I felt an instant connection with Pam.

Allanah T.

Through Pam DeLise’s profound knowledge and guidance I gained valuable tools and resources for moving forward in life, living on purpose and breaking through the self-barriers to achieve success I never dreamt possible. 

Rebecca A.

Pam DeLise has guided me through the process of recognizing my patterns and helped me to make the connections that ultimately brought me to a much greater success level than I ever thought possible.

Jennifer S.

The Universe sent me an angel, Pamela DeLise, in my path. Pam is the President of Cardinal Rules Consulting and, for me, a life coach. She is helping me break away the walls which kept me on the wrong path.

Nancy N.

Working with Pam DeLise helped me look to a bigger picture and ultimately make some big decisions that have helped me feel free and excited for the future. It gave me the confidence to look upward and forward.

Nadine M.

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