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Do the Math!

By Pam | Feb 3, 2018

I recently went on a weekend retreat.  I treasure these opportunities because they give me the chance to break free from my routine, step back from life and make space for something new.  (Yup that’s me in the pic after walking the labyrinth!) I find it easier to slow my pace – walking, eating, talking,…

Force of Habit

By Pam | Feb 10, 2018

I put my purse on the same chair, in the same spot, at my kitchen table.  I always know where to find it.  I don’t have to search for it or think about where I put it last.  I never remember putting it in its “spot” or even think about where it is when I…

Experiencing Life Instead Of Waiting For It To Get Better

By Pam | May 15, 2017

If someone asked you what “experiencing life” meant, how would you answer?  Could you describe the ways in which you are “experiencing life?”    I’ve heard people respond with such things as, taking care of family, working, and checking things off the to do list.  But what about those things that give us enjoyment, keep us healthy, and create…