How do you find meaning in the Holiday Season?

This is Part II of my search to celebrate and find meaning in this Holiday Season.  Last week I reflected on Hope.  This week I’m focusing on Faith.

What Faith means to me.

When I think of Faith, it brings me back to one of my favorite holiday movies, Miracle on 34th Street. I love the scene when the character of Fred Gailey says to his love interest, Doris Walker,

“Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.”

If you remember the movie, Doris Walker was the pragmatist who was a single mother living a very practical life.  She had lost her faith in love and had told her six year old daughter, Susan, there was no Santa Claus.  Fred Gailey, on the other hand, was an idealist who believed in the “intangibles” of kindness, joy, and love.

Fred was willing to put his career and reputation on the line for Santa Claus; a symbol for faith, kindness, joy, and love.

But Doris was having none of it. 

Fred implored Doris,

“I promise you if you believe in me and have faith in me, everything will…”

Doris could only relate to the facts; the black and white of the situation.  Why risk your career, security, a life with her, and stability for things you couldn’t touch or see?  To her that was unrealistic.  In her mind, those emotions were risky and didn't pay the bills.

Faith asks us to trust. 

Even though I can’t see into my future, I have Faith that I am on the right path.  Faith allows me to be open to the possibilities on life’s journey.  With Faith I can listen, trust and surrender to where I am being led.  I don’t feel the pressure to have all the answers.  There’s peace, joy and love in that.

Are you Fred or Doris?

Can you let go and trust that you have all that you need to live a fulfilling life?  Do you have faith that your values, life principles and standing up for what you believe in are more important than living the life society tells you to? Faith asks you to live this truth.  It’s then that you can commit to living your best life.

Look within. Find love.  That is where you’ll find Faith.

In Courage,


Click Here for the clip of Doris and Fred's conversation.

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