I recently read an announcement of a young man’s passing after a serious illness. Part of it read,

“His morals and convictions were unshakable and [he] was a true man of his word every day.”


I was struck by these words.  I kept repeating; “His morals and convictions were unshakable.  A true man of his word every day.”  You just don’t hear that very often.

Have you heard the saying?

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”  I don’t know this young man but by the passionate words someone wrote, he was focused on making a life.  He knew who he was at his very core and nothing was going to sway him from being his True Self.  His life was an example to others.

Ask yourself the hard questions.

Are your morals and convictions unshakable? Are you true to them each and every day? By true to them, I mean do you think, speak and behave in a way that honors your beliefs and values? Would those around you agree?  Even in tough situations are you grounded in them?  So grounded that nothing causes you to falter and make a choice or decision that wasn’t in alignment with them?

Take an inventory.

The words characterizing that young man caused me to pause and reflect.  Moments like these give us the opportunity to evaluate how we are showing up in the world.  Are we making a living or creating a life?  In the past, I have fallen in the trap of evaluating my life based on what I did and how successful I was. Most of that criteria was based on external factors, like a job title and salary.

As Joyce Meyer writes in her book, The Confident Woman Devotional, “It is freeing to finally see that our worth and value are not based on what we do, but on who we are.” She goes on to say, “We should be able to separate the two and take an honest look at both.”

How would you answer the questions? 

Who are you? What are your values?  How are you living your values? Could you turn your values into your guiding principles or as I like to call them your Cardinal Rules for Life?  They become your compass, guiding you to live your best life, honoring your True Self. How strong are your convictions to live according to your Cardinal Rules for Life?

If you're not quite sure, that’s ok. Some can change over time.  For me, courage and freedom have become very important values but weren’t among the Top 10 until the latter half of my life.  Sometimes we discover certain values only as we go through difficult experiences.

Time for some reflection.

I invite you to take a moment of reflection and answer the questions.  Think about your values, jot them down.  Ask, “Am I honoring them by thinking, speaking, and acting in a way that shows the world who I am?”  Next, use your values to create your Cardinal Rules for Life.  You'll be amazed at the confidence you find within!

In Courage,


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