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Here's What To Expect In Your Fear to Freedom Session...

I believe...when you follow your fear you find freedom.  Fear left unexamined results in living an unfilled life. But living from a place of freedom, you uncover the gifts of self-awareness, empowerment and authenticity to live your life on purpose and create the life you are meant to live.  

On this 60 minute call... we'll explore what's not working for you, what you dream for your life, and how I might be able to support you to create it. 

My promise to you... is that you'll walk away with clarity, hope and excitement about the next steps of your journey from Fear to Freedom.

A little about Pam...

I am passionate about supporting women as they recognize that life as it is just isn't working anymore.  I know because that's what happened for me.  I faced the fears that where holding me back in my personal life and career.  With courage and commitment I left the safety of my corporate career and followed my purpose of helping women who are on the same journey.

I am a Certified Professional Coach who connects with women at a deeper level. The process of transformation is so powerful.  I provide impactful tools and a process that allows women to make the shift toward lasting positive change.

Step #1 - Select A Date & Time For Your Fear To Freedom Discovery Session

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Fear To Freedom Discovery Session Questionnaire



What Clients Are Saying

Pam is an incredibly good coach with much to offer those seeking help with work and personal issues. She’s warm, supportive, perceptive, and smart. Pam uses a variety of methods, gently bringing attention to thoughts, feelings, and actions not serving you, helping you to identify a better path.

Deborah S.

When I met Pam, I was newly divorced and struggling to redefine my life. Pam helped get me to a place and discover a sense of inner peace I had never experienced before. I felt an instant connection with Pam.

Allanah T., North Branford, CT

Through Pam’s profound knowledge and guidance I gained valuable tools and resources for moving forward in life, living on purpose and breaking through the self-barriers to achieve success I never dreamt possible. 

Rebecca A., Branford, CT

Pam has guided me through the process of recognizing my patterns and helped me to make the connections that ultimately brought me to a much greater success level than I ever thought possible.

Jennifer S., Guilford, CT

The Universe sent me an angel, Pamela DeLise, in my path. Pam is the President of Cardinal Rules Consulting and, for me, a life coach. She is helping me break away the walls which kept me on the wrong path.

Nancy N.