What's the difference between Being Led and Being Called?

Being Led

If avoidance is your motivator causing you to avoid criticism, uncertainty, punishment, voicing an opinion, taking a risk, then you are Being Led.

If negative reinforcement motivates you, meaning you need to be the perfect mother so you have successful kids, a perfect wife so the household runs smoothly, keeping the perfect home, being the good employee, having the perfect appearance, then you are Being Led.

If you are driven by external motivators such as money, status, material possessions and what society deems important, then you are Being Led.

If you feel like you blend into the crowd, trying to meet expectations and being controlled by external influencers, then you are Being Led.

If all this is based on insecurity, lack of self-confidence, and fear, then you are Being Led.

Being Called

Being Called means you live according to your internal power.  There you find purpose, clarity, peace, trust, conscious action, and resilience.

When you are focused on the positive no matter how difficult the situation or process, you are Being Called.

When you are open to possibilities and not pushing for an outcome you think you should have, you are Being Called.

When you face the fear and go in the direction that scares the heck out of you, because deep inside you know you’ll experience personal growth and fulfillment, you are Being Called.

What is true for you?

What’s going on in your life right at this moment?  Are you in the midst of having to make a decision or choice – sell the house, where to send the kids to school, change jobs, end a relationship?

Think about it for a moment, then ask yourself…

Do I hear or do I listen?

If you listen to the external voices so that you feel herded somewhere you don’t want to go, then you are Being Led.

But if you’re able to get quiet and truly hear…hear the presence within, that comes from your heart, where you feel a pull toward a certain direction that you can’t explain, you are Being Called.

When you are Being Called, you feel a sense of peace and knowing that whatever path you are Being Called to take will be authentic and in alignment with your True Self.

When you stop resisting and allow yourself to surrender to where you are Being Called, you open up a world where your dreams will come true.

In Courage,


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