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Are You Judgmental?

Do you find that you have an opinion for everything?  Do you keep it to yourself or share it openly?  Does sharing it find you at odds with others?  Not getting invited out with family or friends? Having an opinion is not a bad thing when it is based in discernment.  When our perspectives are…

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Are You Being Led or Being Called?

What’s the difference between Being Led and Being Called? Being Led If avoidance is your motivator causing you to avoid criticism, uncertainty, punishment, voicing an opinion, taking a risk, then you are Being Led. If negative reinforcement motivates you, meaning you need to be the perfect mother so you have successful kids, a perfect wife…

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Be a Risk Taker!

Have you ever watched a show with this wild, risk-taking adventure guy, Bear Grylls?  He has a show on TV called, Running Wild with Bear Grylls.  On this show he brings “pampered” celebrities into the wild for an overnight adventure.  Their surroundings are certainly not pampered…this goes way beyond “roughing it”. The particular episode I…

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Doing the Inner Work

Do you become frustrated when you are doing your inner work?  Perhaps you’ve been reading the latest books on self-growth or listening to podcasts on healing your life, or practicing mindfulness with the goal of improving your life. We all want to be happy and live fulfilling lives. So why do most people give up? …

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The Two Sides of You


I came across these pictures of me from a trip to Canada when we were kids.  I was struck by these very different images of myself. I recognize the little girl on the left. She’s the demure, good girl clutching her purse.  (Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good purse!). I completely identify…

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Why Caring For Self Isn’t Selfish

I’m on my way to an exercise class.  I’m driving along and feeling good about myself. I’ve made a commitment to attend class regularly. I’ve worked it into my schedule and fit it into my budget. More importantly I’ve made a commitment to myself to improve my health.  Yup I feel good! So what went…

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Do You Feel Invisible?

Have you ever felt invisible? I have and it caught me by surprise. I’m on the board of an organization. We interact over email, have virtual meetings and a few in person meetings.  We “know” one another from our “roles” but don’t necessarily know the “person” behind the role. Following one of our virtual meetings…

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Moving Creates Space for Growth

Have you moved a lot or stayed in one place? I’ve moved 10 times in the last 23 years.  Being analytical at heart, I calculated that’s an average moving rate of every 2.3 years.  Imagine…that’s packing, unpacking and setting up a new home about every 2 years.  As I got ready to move yet again…

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Release the Mental Pressure

Life Coach Connecticut - Pam DeLise - Release the Mental Pressure

What was it that Ben Franklin said? “…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” That’s how I felt about annual performance reviews.  You could set your calendar by them. Years later, one really stands out for me. I was sitting outside my boss’ office waiting to get called in.  I…

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When the GOLD Medal Isn’t Enough

Chloe Kim - Life Coach Connecticut - Pam DeLise

I was so inspired by seventeen year old snowboarding phenom, Chloe Kim. She was interviewed at the 2018 Winter Olympics after winning her first Gold Medal.  She was asked what freedom felt like when she took her last run knowing she had already won the Gold Medal. She said she wouldn’t be satisfied with the…

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